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Please mojang add NBT tags to bedrock, it makes no sense as to why you haven't done this, the command capabilities should be the same across all devices so make can be created how envisioned, I'm currently trying to amp up a survival game for the family to play and I can't create dungeons the way I envisioned or regenerating ores that drop custom ingots I.e. a.

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wireframe bodysuit gta 5. salomon binding warranty holzhammer sagas; evans cycles restock. distant worlds 2 corruption; rate my course guelph. MCPE Studio is an unofficial editor for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It has a NBT (Named Binary Tag) editor for advanced modifications of Minecraft save data. Worlds can be viewed with a top down viewer with different map-types! MCPE Studio is in "Beta" from version 1.0.0 to 2.0.0, it is stable enough to use, but not feature complete.

Soo, if I wish to use valueHolder in parts of my script for example checking if its equal to 0 What would be the best way on doing so. -//- I wish to store data on items and use values I've saved for those items in scripts.

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